Gator-Raid Day 6 – Roller Derby & Satchels

The referee signals that the player is the lead jammer


Today, I was introduced to a new contact sport: Roller Derby. Roller Derby is team-oriented, and requires not only athleticism, but also strategy. The field is a circular track, similar to a skating rink. Each team is allowed to have 5 members on the track.

The entire event is known as a bout, which is split into two periods of 30 minutes each. Within each half, there are a series of short matches known as jams. A jam can last from anywhere from 8 seconds to 2-minutes. One person is designated as the jammer on each team (indicated by a star placed on the player’s helmet). The jammer starts from behind the rest of the players on the track. The remaining players on each team form a pack. The jammer’s job is to pass everybody in the pack.

  • If the jammer succeeds in passing the pack of the opposing team, they are designated as a lead jammer
  • The lead jammer now has control of when the jam ends (or can run down the jam clock)
  • During this time, the jammer’s objective is to lap the members of the pack.
    • One point is awarded for each player of the opposing team that the lead jammer passes
  • At the end of the bout, the team with the higher amounts of points is considered the winner.

Volunteer support is what fuels the success of roller derby events. Through merchandise sales, refereeing, and participation in the event, these social functions brings a sense of community under one roof.

Afterwards, I was taken to Satchels Pizza, a point of interest for tourists to not only grab a bite to eat, but appreciate how junk can be used as an expression for art. Since it was too dark to take pictures outside, I wasn’t able to shoot any photos – however, I’ll be revisiting the restaurant tomorrow to capture it during daylight. For now, I’ll try to explain the contraption that is called “Satchels Pizza”.

Upon arrival, there is the building that houses the kitchen and some tables. Right in front of that is a van that has been converted into a restaurant cabin – allowing room for two tables. North of the main building is a shop that sells cheap, but amusing toys.

Does anybody need a hand with something?

Adjacent to the shop is another dining area, with live entertainment. Everything about this place was quirky.

Once we have received our table, we treated ourselves with the main course: calzones or pizza. Afterwards, our server brought out the desert menu, in a ViewMaster… you know, those red things that let you see the world in 3D? The things that were popular in the 90s? Yes, that. The desert menu was in 3D to advertise for their desserts. That’s marketing genius in my opinion.

Also, the restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays, so if you are looking to order dessert, the best time to do so is on Saturday evenings, when all bakery items are 1/2 off!

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