Gator-Raid Day 5 – Bat & Bikes

I was told that the one place to visit at night was the bat houses. After getting caught up on some school work during the day, I headed out to Lake Alice around sunset to check out the bat houses. When I got there, it was still too bright for the bats to come out.

Once the shadows engulfed the structures, out came the bats!

Later that evening, I went on a night ride with the roommate of my friends, Kelly. Biking at night is common in Gainesville, and I can understand why; the humidity decreases overnight and the temperature is manageable. We biked along State Road 26 and onto campus. After biking past the Century Tower, we headed off campus towards Downtown Gainesville. There, we made a pit stop at Flaco’s, a small burrito restaurant. I had a craving for Chipotle earlier in the week, so when I heard that there was a mom & pop burrito shop, I was practically begging to go there.

Turns out that the burrito portion of the restaurant only opens at night, most likely to satisfy the hunger of those who ventured out into the bars. Still, the burritos were filling and tasty when consumed sober.

Afterwards, Kelly and I met up with some other friends and we socialized downtown for a few hours. On our way home, we biked through some trails and a park, and then eventually connected to the DNA Bridge. Then, we biked through Museum Road and eventually made it home. It was great being on a bike again.


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