Gator-Raid Day 7 – The Nation’s Oldest City

St. Augustine is two hours away from Gainesville, and to wrap up the weekend, we all took a trip to visit the nation’s oldest city. On the way there, though, we made a quick pit stop to see Satchels Pizza in daylight, since I was unable to take any “quality” photos last night.

Remember when I said that Satchels was like an art museum made of junk? See for yourself:

My parents call me a packrat, just because I don’t like throwing things away. Looks like I know what I could do with some of my old toys…!

Afterwards, we hit the road towards St. Augustine. I fell asleep in the car on the way there, in the exact same way that my mom would sleep in the back of the car – head rested 90 degrees backward, mouth wide open. I was awakened by giggles from Sydney and Meghan, only to realize we’ve arrived in St. Augustine. It really did look like the oldest city in America.



Right outside of the parking garage was the immediate tourist trap. Stores and souvenir shops were everywhere. But then again, I was on spring break and a tourist so…


After shopping for hammocks (yes, we found a store that sold only hammocks), we were getting hot, so we needed something cold to munch on. The Hyppo is a popsicle shop with locations in St. Augustine and Gainesville. They sell gourmet popsicles made out of fresh fruit. I ended up buying one of my favorite fruit, Strawberry of course, but this wasn’t any ordinary strawberry popsicle; it had a “spice” to it. It was a Strawberry Datil popsicle, made of fresh strawberries and datil peppers. That made a cold dessert a spicy one. It was an interesting sensation, but the spice enhanced the flavor.


We spent the day shopping, visiting Flagler College, and walking across the drawbridge/sight-seeing.

We returned back to Gainesville just before sunset, and Meghan took me back to Payne’s Prairie to see the sunset that everyone has talked about since my arrival. They weren’t kidding – the sunset was beautiful.


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