A Dream Come True

When I was three years old, I had come in contact with my first piece of technology. My family purchased a computer for use with work, and occasionally would let me use it to play educational games. I had gained a love for computers and technology through my adolescent years. I told my...

What FTK Means to Me

Today, October 31, marks the last day to sign up for Purdue University Dance Marathon 2014. After talking with many people and encouraging them to sign up, I still can sense some concerns that people may have. Prior to joining the Dance Marathon family, I have experienced similar...

Bowling – Singles Mingle?

My bowling instructor once said, “Don’t forget that a bowling event, ‘Singles Mingle’, is coming up, where you have the chance to meet your future ex!”

My TV Debut

I was telling my friend at the football game that one of my items on the senior year bucket list was to be on TV during a Purdue Sports event. Two minutes later, someone texts me saying I was on ESPNEWS!

BGR 2013 – Final Thoughts

Wow! What a week it has been! Boiler Gold Rush 2013 has been the best experience that I have ever had in my college career. Back in December, I remember walking into a room with a bunch of leaders that I have never met or perhaps even seen on campus before. Nine months and several...