Gator-Raid Day 8 – Farewell Florida

I spent my last day in Gainesville packing my bags. Based on social media posts, it was snowing in Indiana… what a surprise. Once I had a majority of my bags packed, I met up with an overall director for Dance Marathon at the University of Florida to exchange some ideas. I’m always thinking about ideas for PUDM wherever I go, and I just had to meet with someone on their board to exchange ideas between our two marathons.

Afterwards, I bid my farewells to my new friends that I met. It was a fun week meeting people and being part of a different student body for a week. I headed back to the house to load the car right before it poured down.

Meghan and I then headed down to Tarpon Springs, Meghan’s hometown, to keep us close to the Tampa airport. We left campus right after classes were dismissed, and made it just in time to capture the sunset – my last glimpses of the Floridan sunshine.

I am writing this with hours left until I have to catch my plane at the airport. We’ll see how school treats me when I get back. This vacation has allowed me some mental relaxation, and has given me the boost to finish strong with these final weeks of my senior year.

This has been one wonderful Spring Break. I want to extend a shoutout to Meghan, Sydney, and Kelly for giving me a place to crash, and for introducing me to some of the best places any Gator can visit. To all of my new friends, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and I hope that our paths cross very soon!


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