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Hello! My name is Aharon, and I am an engineer at Microsoft with the OneDrive Team. I drive for perfection on keeping customers' files and memories secure and accessible. Born and raised in Indiana, I am a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering who migrated to Seattle to pursue a career in systems and service management. I have worked with computers for most of my life, starting at the age of three, and I have never gotten tired of it. After creating my first website when I was in the third grade, I tackled teaching myself web design. Fast forward to now, where I'm finally running a stable website! (Pro-tip: don't test in production)


On the Christmas before my graduation, my parents gifted me with the best present anyone can ask for - my first DSLR - a Nikon D7100. I spent the first 180 days reading through the manual, watching YouTube videos, and documented those days with a one-photo-a-day project titled Project 180. I could see my improvement as the project matured just by taking a photo every day and making it a goal to learn a new concept. I've never considered myself an artist, as my drawings, paintings, or sculptures were always looked the worst amongst my classmates. Photography gave me a way to see life through a different lens and an abstract way to pursue art. It gives me pure joy to capture the memories and surroundings of an unfamiliar place, and to share it with others who may be wanting to pursue photography.


Have you ever stepped onto an airplane and worried about how a crying child would ruin a flight? I thankfully wasn't that crying child growing up. In fact, I remember my first international flights from Indianapolis to Shanghai... IND -> ORD -> NRT -> SHA. I considered myself bitten by the travel bug and when I was three, and to this day, I find my favorite mode of transit is by plane (no matter how much negative press airlines get). The biggest challenge growing up was the difficulty in traveling out of Indianapolis; international flights were over $1,000 and many domestic trips required a layover which led to wasted time. Since moving to Seattle, the window of opportunity to travel had opened when I discovered fares from SeaTac to Europe or Asia were in the $400s. I now always have a trip or destination on my mind; when I don't have a trip booked, I tend to book a spontaneous flight to somewhere new, or to meet up with a friend within the country.


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