Dam! What A Great View!

On the last day of our trip, Meghan and I focused on the Columbia River Gorge - a scenic area just east of Portland. Today, we were going to freestyle it - we followed a guide from National Geographic.

Crater Lake – The Deepest Lake In The Country

Meghan and I slept in to ensure we wouldn't be tired on another long drive. Today's trek was from Portland to Crater Lake, Oregon (with a pit stop in Eugene). Our main goal is to see the deepest lake in the country and enjoy the beauty that is Oregon. As an added bonus, we wanted to see...

Traversing the Oregon Coast

What better way to spend Labor Day weekend than to go on a coast-line drive through Washington and Oregon? My friend, Meghan, and I drove along US-101 from Tacoma, Washington down to Tillamook, Oregon. You never stop seeing tall evergreens through Washington. It becomes more impressive as...

Day 166 – The top of Multnomah Falls

Yesterday, I mentioned that it was a 1 mile climb to the top of the water fall. I had to span this into a second day to capture the different vantage points from top and bottom. At the top, this is a stream that leads to the top point of the water fall.

Day 165 – Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls is like having two waterfalls merge into one. From the bottom, there is a tall waterfall that feeds into a second pond, and from a bridge vantage point, there is another waterfall. The trail is a one-mile climb to the top.

Day 164 – Bridge of the Gods

Along the Columbia River, which separates Washington and Oregon, there is a famous landmark – the Bridge of Gods. It’s a toll bridge with a cheap toll, and connects Cascade Rocks, OR with Washington. Driving across it provides a birds-eye, serene view of the Columbia River.