Gator-Raid Day 3 – State of the Arts

Today, I shadowed in on an anthropology lecture since I wanted to see how classes were at U of F. I’ve come to the conclusion that classes are classes no matter where you go. At times, I was browsing the internet during class until I felt a slight bit of guilt, as if I were to have paid attention. There was an exam on Monday and I had to focus on the lecture… then I remembered that I was on Spring Break, that there would not be any exams on Monday, and that I wasn’t expected to learn the material. Never thought I’d be spending a portion of my break in a lecture hall…

Afterwards, Sydney and I went to the Plaza of Americas, another lawn where students study, socialize, and eat. Every day, the Krishna Lunch organization serves all-you-can eat for a $5 donation. Today’s meal was spaghetti, chips, salad, and a brownie. The food was pretty good, and certainly a bang for the buck!

Krisha Lunch serving food
Krisha Lunch organization serving food

Afterwards, I had a full day to explore the other side of campus. I walked two miles to the west side, where all of the museums are. Just past fraternity row, is the Lake Alice Conservation Area. I was told that this would be the place to see living alligators. Unfortunately, there weren’t any that I could see (what a “croc”!) but it gave me a good chance to sit and rest before continuing the walk through the heat.


Lake Alice without Alligators
Lake Alice without Alligators

Twenty minutes later, I found myself on the arts section of campus. This is the home of the Harn Museum of Art, the Butterfly Rainforest, the Florida Museum of Natural History, and the Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

I spent a few hours inside the Harn Museum to gain some inspiration on my photography project, and improve my appreciation on the arts. I have posted some of the exhibits in my full photo gallery. This was my favorite painting:

Gator-Raid Day3-62

Afterwards, I took a bus back to campus and walked home to get a good rest, as my feet and legs were killing me by the end of the day.

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