Things Internz Say When A Link Doesn’t Work

Have you ever complained about using GroupMe with around 80 people in one list? Imagine being a part of a distribution list with 1000+ people.


The Intern Program sent out an email inviting everyone to an event. Only the first 150 responses would be accepted. Everyone at first saw this:



It all started with an innocent “I can’t access the survey” reply-all… followed by 12 additional responses in a span of 2 minutes


At the same time, people were saying that it worked (9 emails in 2 minutes)


Then came complaints asking for people to stop replying-all to the message… via a reply-all email.


“I can’t access the survey AND I’M GOING TO REPLY ALL TO TELL EVERYONE. STOP!”


Then we receive acknowledgement of the issue which means things should end… right?

Thank you for your emails. We are aware of the issue, and we will figure it out ASAP. Stay tuned. 

Now the common emails received are about the broken link, and to stop replying-all


“The last one to reply wins”


“Stop hitting “Reply all” to tell other people to stop hitting “Reply all”, because that will make them want to “Reply all”.”



Someone actually posted this photo (which I do appreciate)


Then the thread turned into an animal photo database


Exactly 30 minutes after the escalation, they’ve had enough (and we all have too)

The program sent out a notice to all interns asking to cease activity immediately, as the constant communication was a waste of valuable resources and time. Luckily, everyone got the message at that point.



The breakdown of 80 exchanged emails sent to 1,000+ interns in a span of 30 minutes…

 Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.41.49 PM

Now I understand why Purdue’s ECE department requires a course in career ethics and advancement prior to graduation.

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