Day 22 – One Boiler, OnePurdue

As I was walking to class in the Electrical Engineering building, I noticed that this vase of roses was sitting outside of a laboratory classroom. I took a closer look at the note attached to the bouquet:

Dear Andrew Bolt,

I can’t believe it’s been a year since that day. I still think about how everything changed all too quick.

I miss you and know others do too. I thought to leave you flowers… The least I could do, I guess.

It’s hard to believe that a large campus full of 40,000 students could feel like a home housing one large family. This is what I love about my school. We are ever grateful, ever true. We are ONE PURDUE.

Note: I originally spotted the bouquet on the first floor of EE. It has now been moved to the basement in front of EE067.

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