Day 0 – Foreword

As 2014 comes to a close, I am looking back at all of the great memories of the year. All of the people I have met, the events I have participated in, the experiences I have gained… it was an eventful and fantastic year. However, the pictures that have captured these moments have been taken from others’ cameras or perspective. My blog has just turned two years old, and it mainly has captured my favorite puns and my experience in Seattle. For 2015, I have decided to shift my focus from web design to photography. My parents have gifted me a camera this past Christmas, and I plan to pursue a hobby in photography for this upcoming year.

What better way to highlight this journey than by starting a new sub-blog: Project 365. I will be taking pictures and posting one per day for a year, to incentivize myself to take photos and improve on my skills. I would appreciate your feedback as I post throughout the year.

You can follow me on my photographic journey by visiting my Project 365 website,

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