PUDM now on iOS!

For years, Purdue University Dance Marathon has dreamed of entering the mobile world. In 2014, I’ve helped establish and build a new website that would not only work on computers, but on phones. Over the years, the technology has grown. PUDM has had a stable website, but still...


USA WINS WORLD CUP! Can we declare today a holiday right after Independence Day? Perhaps call it, “FIFA JULY” (because today’s the 5th)? Oh never mind!

A Dream Come True

When I was three years old, I had come in contact with my first piece of technology. My family purchased a computer for use with work, and occasionally would let me use it to play educational games. I had gained a love for computers and technology through my adolescent years. I told my...

Day 63 – FTK!

This bracelet is a constant reminder of my impact and dedication to Purdue University Dance Marathon. Every day, I’m dreaming bigger than ever to ending childhood illness, and I am doing all I can to continuously help PUDM with all things technology-related.

Dance Marathons: Give Your Members An Easier Link To Share

This past November, I was visiting Bloomington to see miracles being made at Indiana University Dance Marathon. Everywhere on social media, people were sharing their donation links, asking for support from friends or family. All of a sudden, one link caught my attention – an IUDM...

What FTK Means to Me

Today, October 31, marks the last day to sign up for Purdue University Dance Marathon 2014. After talking with many people and encouraging them to sign up, I still can sense some concerns that people may have. Prior to joining the Dance Marathon family, I have experienced similar...


I once thought Ariana Grande was a font on Microsoft Word. Turns out I have one less problem without it.