Day 108 – Monument Circle

I spent my day with my great friend, Sarah, in Indianapolis. Since she had never really visited Indianapolis, it was an opportunity for me to not only show her around the city, but do some more exploring of the city myself.

Day 104 – Engineering Fountain – Take 2

I finally purchased a tripod and received it in the mail, making nighttime photography much easier. To test it out, I headed back to the engineering fountain, just as it was on Day 18. Instead of taking a picture with a fast shutter speed, and increasing the contrast, I was able to take a...

Day 91 – Moon & Tower

I was walking back home from the leadership center after a productive day, following the moon each step of the way. When I reached the center of campus, I noticed that the Bell Tower made a new friend.

BGR 2013 – Final Thoughts

Wow! What a week it has been! Boiler Gold Rush 2013 has been the best experience that I have ever had in my college career. Back in December, I remember walking into a room with a bunch of leaders that I have never met or perhaps even seen on campus before. Nine months and several...