Crashing a Wedding at Fisherman’s Bastion

Wedding Days... one of the most important highlights of one's life. The day where two becomes one. The day where instead of feeling butterflies in your stomach looking at your partner, you feel fireworks...

And fireworks are the perfect noun to describe the feeling because the location of this post is where Katy Perry filmed her music video, Firework!

Disclaimer: I only know this through my friends' experiences, but I hope to have these fireworks in my stomach someday... 

While taking in the views of the Danube and the Pest side from Fisherman's Bastion, I heard applause from behind. I turned around and saw a newlywed couple exit Matthias Church. Hand in hand, the bride and groom paraded along the north side of the church and continued down the steps of Fisherman's Bastion.

The only thing that would make this moment more perfect if the church bells were ringing. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

If you're looking to plan your dream wedding at Matthias Church, here are a couple of things to consider:

  • One of the parties should be Catholic
  • Couples should apply three months in advance (this is probably an obvious point)
    • If one of the parties does not participate in regular worship, did not receive religious education, did not receive Holy Communion, or is not baptized, six months is advised to prepare
  • Couples should have participated in an engaged couple course, while the party of the Catholic faith should have knowledge teachings of the Catholic Church, participate in regular worship, be Confirmed, and have participated in Holy Communion

Couples will need to verify their faith by providing:

  • A certificate of Baptism issued more than three months prior to the wedding (i.e. you can't be baptised, then immediately plan for the wedding)
  • Permission from the parish of the fiancé


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