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Project 180

Day 166 – The top of Multnomah Falls

Yesterday, I mentioned that it was a 1 mile climb to the top of the water fall. I had to span this into a second day to capture the different vantage points from top and bottom. At the top, this is a stream that leads to the top point of the water fall.

Day 165 – Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls is like having two waterfalls merge into one. From the bottom, there is a tall waterfall that feeds into a second pond, and from a bridge vantage point, there is another waterfall. The trail is a one-mile climb to the top.

Day 164 – Bridge of the Gods

Along the Columbia River, which separates Washington and Oregon, there is a famous landmark – the Bridge of Gods. It’s a toll bridge with a cheap toll, and connects Cascade Rocks, OR with Washington. Driving across it provides a birds-eye, serene view of the Columbia River.

Day 161 – The Evening Commute

Every evening, cars, busses, and taxis line up along I-90 for the evening commute heading home towards Seattle. There’s even a pedestrian bridge adjacent to the highway for bikers to gain exercise or commute from Mercer Island to Seattle.